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I am going to share with you some very important things for you to share with your wedding planner before you start writing a schedule for your wedding day. Your wedding film needs to have certain elements in it to really look and feel amazing. After 3 years of filming weddings, I have learned a few things that need to be planned for so that the busy day still has time for all of the delicious little bits that make a wedding film truly wonderful.


1. Sunset Romanic Session

This is the first for a reason. It’s the most important part of a film that could be overlooked. Speeches could go long, or if you just plan your ceremony to late in the day during winter months you could miss it.

About 30 minutes before sunset, your video and your photo pro will NEED to take you outside to the prettiest area nearby to get some epic shots of you two as a couple alone for the first time. This is where I will get some super romantic shots of you together, giggling, playing, kissing, walking in nature, and being cute.


2. Where and when are you getting ready?

Shooting video clips every part of the day is important. You will want little clips of you getting ready. Tell your planner to have the rooms close enough that your wedding videographer can hop between the rooms getting shots of the guys and then the girls.

3. Plan your first look early.

We defiantly want to film the first look. Seeing the grooms face when he see’s his bride is priceless and not be missed. The reason we want to do it earlier than later is logistics. The bride and groom are the two biggest planners of the whole day. They need to be able to communicate. They see each other every single day. It put’s a strain on the whole event trying to keep them apart for so many hours. Let the surprise soon and they day can progress with less tension.

4. Leave enough time for the videographer to set up before the ceremony.

I will need to plug into the DJ sound board and test levels for a few minutes before the ceremony starts. Setting up tripods and adding a mic to the groom and officiant takes a few more minutes. Since everything on a wedding day runs a little behind its best to have 20 minutes of time to set it all up just perfect. This is the big moment. We want to get it right!

5. Try to schedule all of the reception events before the video and photo pros leave.

Dancing is fun, but doesn’t always make for the best video clips. It’s best to add in a verity of clips like cake cutting, bouquet toss, even a sparkler send off. If you only have the videographer until 9PM but have the hall until 11pm, sometimes a fake send off is a perfectly fun break from the dance floor for your guests. Everyone can go back in and keep on partying after we get the really fun shots of you two walking through the sparkling send off.

Bonus tip:

Write a letter to each other to read on camera before the ceremony. There is always so much that we don’t talk about that we know we should. This is a great chance to say something meaningful and beautiful. It can only be 1 or 2 paragraphs HANDWRITTEN on paper. Do this for each other and your video will really have the emotion that it deserves.


Hiring a Videographer

Getting married is a lifelong commitment and so every happy couple is looking at celebrating their special day in the most wonderful way they can. So many decisions to make regardings guests lists, venues, dresses, menus – and that’s just the beginning!

The decision-making process can feel like one difficult decision after another. As a professional Wedding Photographer, I’m often asked about the pro’s and con’s of committing your special day to film and so I thought I’d try to answer some of those questions here.

Pros and Cons of Using a Wedding Videographer: Although photographs can play an important part in capturing the highlights of your wedding day, hiring a professional wedding videographer can capture the important, memorable and emotional memories of your day. A professionally produced wedding film encapsulates your special day for many years to come.

So would you hire a videographer? Well hopefully, I can make that decision a little easier for you as we explore a few of the common questions below.

What Can a Videographer Add to My Wedding

Well, choosing to have a videographer at your wedding could be one of the best choices you will have made in your planning process. Hiring a wedding videographer can add a different dimension to your wedding day.

Many Brides tell me they feel as if their Wedding day slipped past them so fast, they didn’t have the chance to really feel involved, almost like a dream. Choosing to film your celebration can allow the Bride and Groom to relive all the delights of their day – the day they spent all that time, money and effort on.

Newlyweds also tell me how fabulous it is to see the festivities from a different angle, or maybe it’s being able to spot some fun happening or a magic moment or two. Perhaps they missed some priceless events whilst they were receiving guests or missed something whilst on other serious Bride and Groom duties. These are the important moments that guests tell you about afterward and you never even saw it. Those kinds of moments can be priceless to the whole memory of your wedding.

Brides can also miss really important arrivals too, such as their groom arriving or their treasured family or friends and it’s wonderful to be able to re-capture the day in a relaxing way – on film. Maybe snuggled up on your sofa with your new hubby and a glass of fizz!

Important moments can be priceless to the whole memory of your wedding.

A wedding videographer can capture the highlights of your celebration and bring all your special memories back to life. By having them recorded to a DVD or by easily uploading to a shared drive, you can encapsulate the essence of your wonderful day for years into the future – and for others to share too.

Should We Just Hire a Photographer Instead?

Wedding photographs are a traditional and important part of the wedding ceremony and no wedding would be complete without a group image of the happy couple and their fabulous family.

A gallery wall in the Newlyweds home with framed memories of their wedding day is an important part of the wedding journey. Not forgetting the wedding album. A stunning visual memory box, which will bring pleasure for years to come.

However, there are so many precious little moments which can only be captured with live action, such as the first time the Groom sets eyes on his bride or maybe when dad first sees his little girl ready to take the first steps into her new life. Or perhaps those heart-felt emotional messages from guests.

A Forbes magazine survey of over 18,000 couples, the largest study of its kind showed that 1 in 3 wedding couples hired a videographer.

Nearly every couple we work with expresses how quickly the day passes and how they’re so glad they hired both a photographer and a videographer to guarantee all their special moments being recorded in as much detail as possible, to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

The largest study of its kind showed that

1 in 3 Wedding couples hired a videographer.

How Expensive Is a Wedding Videographer

The budget for your wedding is so very important and, with a large list of expenses, it’s paramount that you receive the best value you can possibly get.

Wedding Videography is vital to capture all those little looks and gestures that can be so easily lost on more formally posed photography line ups. When considering filming your wedding you may well discover it’ll be less expensive than you originally thought, but the long term benefits will often be more than you paid for.

For those who think filming your day is out of your budget range, videographers will have a number of different packages to suit your needs and different ways of shooting. For example; you may like your videographer to film the day and simply take shots of the more formal line-ups, or simply offer you their budget shoot. Maybe hire a videographer and tell your friends and family to bring along digital cameras to create a more informal wedding album.

You may even just want a ‘highlights’ film featuring the important moments of the day, which could reduce your costs dramatically. A wedding video will last forever and capture your day in a way nothing else can.

Do talk to your videographer about available packages – or just give us a call or send an email, we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Will a Videographer Get in the Way?

An experienced wedding videographer uses cameras that are small enough to fit into a small bag so that there is the least possible intrusion on your wedding ceremony and celebrations. These days not videography is required to use paparazzi type cameras, the aim these days is to be less obtrusive, and minimize blocking everyone’s view and creating self-consciousness situations for you and your guests.

A professional wedding videographer will have an unobtrusive ability to ensure you and your guests are relaxed and enjoying the day. They’ll also likely be dressed like guests so as not to be obvious, or spoil, or divert any natural moments or situations from your special day. Videographers are relaxed, will blend into the background and will certainly not make your guests feel as if they’re constantly under a microscope the entire time.

Larger weddings can sometimes require a team of photographers and videographers to capture everything happening on one day and this may be required if you’re planning a very large wedding celebration and event.

Hiring a Videographer Quality Variables

As with any purchase, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is as prevalent with videography as with any other consumable. Established videographers are able to produce wedding films that include your music and also epic cinematic soundtracks which capture sound to a very high degree.

High quality, sharp and crisp video footage equal to any other form of cinematography. Modern cameras are able to excellently capture situations which have low lighting such as your evening party, so you won’t have to worry about you and guests being blinded by video lights!

Your first dance and maybe adorable footage of the mini guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor will be professionally captured.

A quality conscious Videographer will always make sure they capture all the ‘important’ traditional shots such as:

Groom waiting at the altar

Procession with Bride’s entrance


First kiss as a married couple


First dance

Cake cutting

Bouquet Toss

Before experimenting with any other artistic endeavors, don’t worry about the techy details too much and don’t make your decision based on this. A good videographers skill, style, and creativity are far more important than how super flashy you think their camera should be.

What If the Couple Are Camera Shy?

You do not have to worry that your wedding day will be turned into a film set, as we know this can initially be a big worry for anyone considering a videographer. We make sure our footprint on the day is as small as possible and minimal equipment used. Our favorite compliment from our clients is that ‘guests barely noticed the videographer at the wedding’.

Some brides can be really nervous about being followed around all day, but a good videographer will be moving around constantly, capturing footage of all of the guests and the venue and can build up a professionally portrayed picture of the whole day, so the Bride can relax and enjoy her day without feeling she’s being overly watched.

Our professionalism and unobtrusive presence mean your wedding video can be filmed discreetly whilst still making sure all your special, magical memories are captured on film for you to watch forever.

Wedding Videographer Pros and Cons Summary

So to round up, here’s my Pros and Cons summary to help your decision, I’d love to see how many more you could add, so be sure to comment below.


Live moments can often be more precious than still photographs

Sharing video with absent loved ones can make them feel they were present

It’s not always as expensive as you think

It can be unobtrusive for guests

You can see more of the days moments you weren’t present for

The cost will fade, the film will not


Finding a good videographer you can trust can be difficult

It’s more can be more expensive than a photographer

You might be self-conscious, especially if one of you are camera shy

But I need more flowers!

So Finally…

Well, now you’ll have hopefully come to your decision concerning the most amazing day of your life and wouldn’t want to miss any gesture or look of emotion from your fabulous family and wedding party.

You will (I trust) have considered making the investment to record your special day to enjoy for many years to come. Maybe share your Best Man’s speech with friends who couldn’t make it, re-play your first dance or when your Aunt caught the bouquet!

Here’s one final Pro for you, take a look around our website to see the amazing results a videographer can bring. The real Wedding videographer ‘Pros’ come ultimately from what you make of a great day, so we believe we’re a great choice as your wedding videographers.

We’re an affordable videography service for the Denver area and beyond. We’re dedicated to providing every wedding we film with a sense of artistry and cinematic presence.

Our packages are designed to ensure every moment of your wedding day is your absolute best moment. Why not contact us now for a free discussion.

Finally, thank you for reading, I’d love to hear your comments below, and I’d like to leave you with a wonderful quote from the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”


modern wedding videography


Why has wedding videography been trending with modern weddings recently? It’s not what you think. The days of cheesy wedding ceremony video shot from a tripod on a VHS camcorder or uncle Joe’s vertical iPhone video are finally behind us. First of all the fact that camera equipment has gotten a lot better and a lot more affordable has made high quality movies possible for more young couples. Modern hybrid camera costing only $5000 can do what a $70K camera from 2002 could do. It’s brought super high quality footage to normal people’s idea of doable. So now we can make a Hollywood like cinematic film of your wedding day, where YOU are the star of the movie, for a very affordable price, you can see yourself on the big screen with rich vibrant colors, and movie like slow motion scenes. When this is edited into a cinematic storyline, it’s easy to get in to it.

Story telling is what photo and video are all about. A photo can only tell a short, simple story. But video can really get the emotions of the day, the butterflies, the laughter, the joy, and revelry of it all. The story will take you through the day starting with the girls getting ready with, hair, and make up and of course mom helping pin up that beautiful wedding dress. Over in the guys room, they confidently laughing and joking as they button their cufflinks and tight up the ties will surely be swung around wildly on the dance floor 6 hours from now. But they must look good for now. The ceremony starts in 55 minutes.

Capturing the ceremony is probably the most important part of a videographer’s job. The words that are spoken are sacred and recording clean audio and steady video matters here the most. Husband and wife will make promises to each other that are meant to last forever and so should the record of these vows. A photo can show you that you were there but not what was said, not what was promised, not the light sound of sniffles while he pours his heart out to you in front all of the most important people in your lives. Only video can save every small laugh and cry from these 20 minutes of Ceremony. It goes so fast that before you know it, you will be on the sunset photos on the lawn.

Your first moments as husband and wife will be with your photographer and videographer walking slowly and giggling about what just happened. YOU GOT MARRIED! It’s all so much to process. At this point, just relax and have fun, this will be some of the absolute best parts of your wedding day film. Buttery smooth slow motion in warm magic hour sunset lighting. Smile because it finally happened, after all of the planning, all of the calls and emails, you did it! Smile and just love. Your wedding video is going to save all of the best moments of your day. You will love watching it again and crying tears of joy. But when you see how how many likes, comments and shares your video gets on social media, you will feel how much love there is your world, from friends and family who attended, and those who could not be there. Your wedding is a personal keepsake you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

I hear from too many friends who regret not being able to go back and hire the video for their weddings. Don’t let the upfront cost stop you from investing in your future lives together. The sting of the cost will fade with time but your wedding film will never fade. Just make sure that you have this keepsake when your kids are grown so you can always remember the warm feelings of that lovely day.



One of the most important reasons for having a pre-video interview is because you and your spouse-to-be will be seriously otherwise engaged on the big day! Taking your vows, greeting your guests and stepping into your starring role as the wedding couple.

Your pre-wedding interview will allow you to meet beforehand with your videographer and make a plan to ensure your video will have the tone and feel to match beautifully with the style and theme of your wedding day celebrations.

‘One of the most important reasons for having a pre-video interview is because

you and your spouse-to-be will be otherwise engaged on the big day!’

How Will Your Videographer Plan for Your Wedding Video?

Any experienced wedding videographer will be doing a large amount of planning before the shoot. He or she will be making sure they’re able to shoot your video in a ‘fly on the wall’ style so as to be not too visible on the day and blend in with the celebrations. By asking you a series of questions, an experienced and professional videographer will be able to find out a lot of information beforehand to make the finished result the best they can achieve.

He’ll be able to ascertain how many cameras, which type of cameras, moments and important nuances, and be able to plan effectively for the shoot beforehand.

By making sure you’re fully prepared ensures getting the best result you can get for the costs involved.

Let’s take a look below at many of the common questions you will be asked. This will help you get prepared and make the most of this special memory that is your big day! Why don’t you get a pretty notebook and jot down the main details below? This will help you with other interviews and meetings you may have regarding the wedding and means you’re fully prepared for every meeting.

What Questions Will Be Asked in a Pre-Wedding Interview?

Below are many of the most common questions your videographer will ask you at your pre-wedding video interview.

  • Who is getting married?

  • Where are you getting married?

  • When is the big day?

  • Do you have a set budget?

  • Are you looking at a basic package or a custom quote?

  • Filming the whole day? Or just certain parts – like the vows, bride arriving, speeches or reception?

  • What type of edit do you want? (traditional or more modern)

  • What kind of music do you both like?

  • Are there any planned moments outside of the ceremony?

  • Do you have any special items you would like photographed/videoed?

  • Are there any special entrances or exits from the ceremony planned?

  • Do you have any questions for me?

Let’s take a closer look at the questions below. But if you’re short on time and just want to get the ball rolling straight away, why not download our Videographer Interview Questionnaire pdf and send it back to us. That will probably save loads of time, or fill in all the questions you can directly on the site here.

Who Is Getting Married and Where/When Is the Ceremony?

It sounds obvious, but who, where and when are the first most important questions. Your videographer will need:

Full name of the bride and groom

Location of the ceremony and reception

Start and finish times of both the wedding and reception

Your videographer will also want to know where the make-up and hair preparations are going to be carried out and also where your best man and chief members of the wedding party will be during the morning of the wedding.

This will also help your videographer to give you an accurate quote so he can establish travel costs between venues and where the wedding preparations are taking place.

The start time will help your videographer accurately pinpoint the location of the sun on the day for available lighting purposes.


Your wedding videographer will need to create a quote for you so it’s worth thinking about if – and what your budget is. Most videographers will offer packages, each with their own starting costs. He’ll also ask you about your preferred method of payment. It’s worth asking him if he offers any kind of payment plan, to allow you to spread the cost.

What Type of Coverage Are You Looking For?

Are you looking at having the entire day videoed or are you looking at a combination of shoots, for example:

Morning prep of bride and her party, such as bridesmaids

Morning prep of groom and his party such as best man

The ceremony

The reception

This will allow your videographer to work out costs as it may require two videographers to capture your bride and groom’s morning prep for example.

What Type of Edit Do You Want?

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of your chosen videographers previous work so you have an idea of the style and feel of their work. He may ask you if you prefer a more traditional video which captures the events in chronological order or if you prefer a more modern cinematic storytelling type edit to your video. Should it include a montage, or do you want to capture a cinematic feel to the process?

What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Make sure you note down a few ideas of the type of music you prefer. Simply saying ‘anything’ won’t result in the most bespoke video to you as your videographer will then choose the music. He’ll likely base this on the kind of music at the reception if you really struggle to arrive at a particular music genre. So have a think if there are any special songs you would like to include or a song that means something to you both as a couple.

And remember, your videographer has probably attended far more weddings than you have (maybe!), so draw on their experience regarding this, they may know the timeless songs or the most stylish accompanying music. It also largely depends on the style of your desired final video as to what music suits it.

Are There Any Planned Moments Outside of Your Ceremony?

For all-day shoots, your videographer will need to know if there are any special planned moments outside of the wedding ceremony and reception. This may include a round of golf with the groom and important party members such as best man, maybe the bridal party is having morning tea somewhere you’d like that captured. He’ll also ask you if these planned events are inside or outside, that’ll help him decide on lighting requirements and which camera gear to bring along with him.

This also applies to the reception. Are you having big choreographed dances or fun things for the guests to enjoy? Share this information with your Videographer.

Do You Have Any Special Items You Would like Photographed?

Will the Bride will be wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue? Or maybe she’ll be wearing a special family piece of jewelry. Your videographer can make sure he gets some shots of these precious parts of your ceremony and special day.

Is There a Special Gateway or Exit Planned?

After the reception do you have a special grand exit taking place? Are you carrying sparklers or tossing anything into the crowd of guests? This will assist your photographer with any lighting requirements needed especially if you are carrying anything which has its own light. The same applied regarding any special entrances you or other important guests are likely to be making.

Be sure to let your videographer know if you have a special vehicle planned, such as a horse and cart, car or any other method of making your grand exit! This will assist him in making sure he looks out for this at the reception, at the right time, and captures some shots for you.

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Below is a selection of questions you may like to ask your videographer when you attend your pre-wedding video interview. Specifically when you’ll be able to see your video and how many copies of the film does the price include is worth making sure you understand.

Asking who owns the copyright is quite important as it usually costs more to own it. Finding out if your wedding videographer has worked at your venue before is very useful to know too. If he’s familiar with it, he will already be aware of the best camera angles and lighting opportunities.

  • How long have you been filming weddings?

  • Have you filmed at our venue before?

  • How would you describe your style?

  • Have you worked with our photographer before?

  • Can I choose the music?

  • How long will it be before we can see the finished video?

  • Who will own the copyright?

  • How many copies will I get?

  • What do the packages include?


Overall, it’s certainly recommended to make sure you allow time for a pre-wedding video interview with your videographer. You’re paying for a great service that will be seen for many years to come, so don’t leave it to chance. Ensure the best possible film that really captures the essence of your special day. Prepare, and get the most out of your experience and help us to create a high quality and professional film of your special day to cherish forever. This is what we help you to do, so why not get in touch with us at

So, you’re getting married and there seems an everlasting stream of important things to do! The venue, guest lists and a myriad of other requirements needing your attention. All you need is one more thing on your to-do list, right?

Your wedding videographer wants to make an appointment to see you and your soon-to-be other half are wondering if the meeting is essential and worth fitting in with your already super stretched wedding prep schedule? Read on to find out why it is a must-do!

Why have a pre-wedding interview? Having a pre-wedding video interview will make sure that your videographer produces your video in line with your personal requirements. Answering questions about you and your partner along with your wishes for the ceremony ensures your wedding video will be meaningful, unique and bespoke to you.

Deciding to Have a Pre-Wedding Video Interview

Deciding to have a wedding video is the prelude to a long-lasting memory of your wedding celebrations. It’s something many couples look into before their big day. It can be a wonderful capture of all the more formal moments – such as the bride arriving, the ceremony, speeches and of course all the more relaxed ‘off camera’ type shots of your family and loved ones enjoying your special day.

Any experienced and professional videographer will look to meet with you and your spouse-to-be before your wedding to discuss with you any particular requirements you have, in order to create a bespoke video for you and perfectly capture the essence and big moments in your day.

This is also your chance to be a director for the day! Your videographer will ask a series of questions and give you a spotlight to highlight any ideas you have for how you would like your video set out and filmed.


wedding ceremony videography


So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to have a beautiful memento of your wedding day, showcasing all the important events of your glorious day to keep forever and share with your loved ones. You’re starting to wonder how long the video will be? Will it be just the edited highlights or a full-blown documentary style? Read on to discover more.

How long should a wedding video be? A wedding video’s length will depend on how many sections of your wedding ceremony you would like filmed and what kind of edit you choose. Highlights are generally between 3-5 minutes, feature edits between 10-20 minutes and documentary style edits can run between 1-2 hours.

You’ll be the final editor of your wedding video! The length of your video will be determined mainly by the length of time you would like your professional videographer to film your special day, celebrations and any pre-wedding preparations that you’d like to have the chance to see again, and for many years to come.

Your videographer will edit the final footage captured, to build your own personal love story around the kind of edit you choose.

Before we can decide on edits, let’s take a closer look at what this means, how your videographer edits your wedding video, the process involved and how you can more easily base your decision on the length of time you’d like your video to last for.

How a Videographer Edits Your Wedding Video

Your videographer will plan to make a fabulous story from your wedding day. Your story! Using the film he has created he’ll put together a unique story which puts you in the starring role! He or she will craft all the footage from your magical day and create a mini-movie which can be watched and enjoyed for years to come as a wonderful memory of your very special day.

As the day is ultimately about the happy couple, a professional videographer will take scene by scene of footage, with you at the center of the storytelling process.

How to Help Your Videographer Edit a Great Video

When you have your pre-wedding video interview try and give as much detail as you can about yourselves so your videographer can weave your own unique story around the fabulous live film of the day. The more detailed and emotional the better! So make sure you release your inner story-teller and really set the scene! Here are a few examples of the kinds of things you can think about:

  • Where did you first meet?

  • What was the weather like?

  • What was playing on the radio?

  • What are you both wearing?

  • What were you both thinking?

  • How you felt when you first saw each other

All those little details help your videographer to edit your footage, creating a story totally bespoke to you and a wonderful memory of your journey together.

How Your Vows and Speeches Help Create the Final Edit

The words you use on your wedding day, essentially create the ‘script’ of your video, which can help you to decide on how many ‘scenes’ you would like capturing on film, which in turn will help you make a decision as to how long your wedding video will be.


Your videographer will be able to capture some amazing audio as you take your vows. An important part of expressing how you feel about each other is writing personally written wedding vows. Not only are you creating a perfect way to express your feelings about each other, but you’re also giving your expert videographer the tools with which to create a fabulous finished edit of your day.

The words you say to each other whilst exchanging vows are possibly the most important words in the whole wedding ceremony. So if you’re planning to write your own vows, do make sure you let your videographer know so it can be woven into your final edit.

Creating Your Own Story Through the Speeches

Your day is ultimately about the two of you starting your married life together. The way your videographer will create the final edit of your film is by combining it with the words from your speeches to create a powerful narration track of the bride and groom’s speeches. These are your own personally written words and story about each other and will help to bring your own personal story to life.

There are lots of ways to write those wonderful words even if you don’t think you may be much of a writer! Below are a couple of ways of creating a speech to use that doesn’t involve you putting pen to paper!

A poem

Use a beautiful piece of writing from a book

Something that was written especially for the occasion by a close family member//important member of the wedding party

When you’re deciding how long your video should be, you can help your videographer by letting him know in advance if you have any special words or speeches lined up. That way, he’ll be able to perfectly capture them and use them in your final edit.

The Typical Length of a Wedding Video

The finished length of your wedding video will all depend on how many scenes you would like your videographer to film. This will depend of course, on your budget and what kind of style you’d like your finished article to be. The traditional documentary style is usually the most commonly chosen as this will show your wedding day celebrations in the most detail and in the order the events occurred. This is what we traditionally associate with a ‘wedding video’.

As your wedding video will help to create a long lasting memory of your special day, you’ll be able to share it with friends and loved ones, send it to friends and family who weren’t able to attend to see your big day, and you will be able to watch it for years to come (through the good times and the bad!) Think carefully about your budget as your wedding video is probably one of the most important things about the whole ceremony.

There are 5 main types of edits to choose from to create your wedding video. We’ll outline the main types here and how long they generally last. The information below will help you decide. However, be sure to get in touch with us to find out about our other packages available and we’ll be happy to discuss other options with you.

The main Wedding Video edit types are listed below: –

  • Wedding day edit, – or same day edit (SDE)

  • Next day (NDE)

  • Love story or feature

  • Documentary

  • Cinematic

Take a look below at these specific type of wedding videos to get an idea of how long they generally last.

How Long a Wedding Day Edit Video Is

This is a short film often abbreviated to SDE (same day edit) which is usually between 3 and 5 minutes in length. This video is created on the day of the wedding from footage shot during the wedding celebrations. It usually uses footage from the following:

The bride and groom along with main members of the wedding party getting ready for the ceremony

The main photo shoot where the traditional posed wedding pictures take place

Wedding couple and guests entering the reception

First dance by the wedding couple

This video is then shown prior to the reception, usually before the bride and grooms speeches. It’s also possible to include any required footage of pre-wedding shoots into this video.

How Long a Next Day Edit Is

A next day edit is similar to the same day edit. They’re produced overnight and are available the next day for showing. This works well for longer ceremonies based on more than one day. These types of wedding videos usually last 3 to 5 minutes.

How Long Is a Love Story Wedding Video?

A love story edit is a feature edit which is a storytelling video of the bride and groom. These can vary in length depending on how long you’d like your videographer to film for. They generally last between 10 and 20 minutes.

How Long Is a Documentary Wedding Video?

A documentary edit is sometimes called a journalist edit which gives you essentially a documentary type video. This edit takes footage from the whole day’s wedding ceremony and the reception – including all the major elements of your wedding day.

It’s typically shown in chronological order and is edited to keep the watcher engaged. This is where the real skill of your videographer can shine! This is the traditional kind of wedding video we are familiar with.

These videos usually last between 1 and 2 hours.

Length of a Cinematic Style Wedding Video

A cinematic video is a more creative way of presenting your wedding celebrations without missing out any of the important parts of your wedding day. It’s not necessarily shot in order the events happened. A cinematic style has a Hollywood feel with special camera angles and high-end equipment. This movie of your whole day will have a musical soundtrack to add to the cinematic feel. These kinds of videos usually last between 1 to 2 hours.

Here’s a summary for you of the above…

  • Type of Wedding Video General Length

  • Wedding Day Edit (SDE) 3 to 5 Minutes

  • Next Day Edit (NDE) 3 to 5 Minutes

  • Love Story / Feature Wedding Video 10 to 20 Minutes

  • Documentary Style Video 1 to 2 Hours

  • Cinematic Style Video 1 to 2 Hours


Your wedding video creates a long-lasting memory of your special day and we do hope we’ve given you some ideas of the styles of wedding videos available to help you decide on the length of wedding video you’d like. We provide all of these varieties and can create hybrid variations too based on your needs. So be sure to get in touch to discuss your needs, and how you’d like us to be part of your special day.


Book a Wedding Videographer

Choosing and booking a wedding videographer can really enhance your magical day and provide a forever documentation of your special day. Whilst photographs are wonderful, they can fade, maybe you might lose your digital copies on a myriad of different devices, or however fabulous your memory, over time it can be difficult to remember all those magical moments from just a photograph, but a wedding video Is a long lasting memory, captured on film to share with your family and friends and enjoy for years to come.

How Do I Choose and Book a Wedding Videographer?

When choosing and booking a wedding videographer, make sure you shop around for an expert videographer who can work with your budget. Choose a videographer who has good feedback and recommendations, while ensuring you book early – as many videographers can be booked up a year or more in advance.

So once you’ve decided to book a wedding videographer, you may need some help in deciding which videographer to choose and ultimately when to book them for your special day. Read on for our top tips on how to make choosing and booking your videographer as simple as possible!

  • Pay attention to their website

  • Meet your videographer face to face

  • Ask the right questions

  • Watch some of their wedding footage

  • Contact companies for quotes

  • Think about the style of video you would like

  • Ask to see an example of their work

  • Book your videographer in advance

  • Take a Look at Their Reviews

    Take a look at their website

Check out your potential viedographer’s website to learn more about their style.

When you’re deciding on who to choose to film your special day, checking the website and any other relevant online platforms is essential if you want to make sure you’re hiring a progressional and credible videographer.

It may seem a quite obvious source of information, but make sure you do some relevant research relating to your videographers online presence to help you decide on who to choose to film your wedding day and possibly your pre-wedding celebrations.

Check their website – if you click on a wedding videographers website and their website isn’t modern, not good to look at and overall not very professional, this may lead you to question yourself on how professional and stylish their wedding films are likely to be.

Check google reviews – make sure you perform suitable Google review research. Check the kind of reviews the company has and also how many reviews. This can give you an overview of the popularity of your chosen videographer and whether or not they’re inspiring their customers to write a review on their services

Reviews on Wedding Directory sites – Reviews on wedding directory sites will provide you with information on other customers who have already been through the process and will show their opinions and reviews. Make sure you look for positive reviews and experiences from previous customers.

Meet Your Wedding Film Makers

Although there’s often so much to organize and do while planning your wedding, try to take some time to meet with your videographer face to face. We definitely recommend meeting with any potential wedding filmmaker in person.

Given the time constraints and the hundred and one other important considerations you need to fulfill when planning your wedding, look at a brief meeting, but one in which you can get a good measure of any potential videographer candidates. This could be in the form of either a quick coffee meetup, or even a Skype/FaceTime call.

Take a look below at some important considerations to look out for when you meet with a videographer and to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with the filmmaker you hire.

Does your wedding videographer have a good personality? – to get the best out of your budget, and your wedding video, your filmmaker needs the necessary skills to be able to produce a high-quality film. They’ll need to be skilled at interacting with people and happy to work with and directing crowds too.

Do they put you at ease? – A good Videographer needs to be able to make their film subjects feel comfortable and relaxed. Your wedding day is a very highly charged atmosphere with lots of emotion from the bride and groom and guests too, so it’s really important you feel at ease with any potential videographer

Are they listening to you? – If any potential videographer seems to be simply reeling off a list of prices and packages and you don’t feel listened to, then maybe they aren’t the right videographers for you. Your wedding is tremendously special and as individual as you, so it’s important that you feel considered and any requirements or questions you have are addressed and you feel listened to.

Are they smart and professionally dressed? – your chosen videographer will be a major feature of your wedding celebrations and it’s important they look smart and professionally dressed. Although they may meet you in a less formal setting such as over coffee or Skype call, make sure you pay attention to the impression they make on you with regards to their outward appearance.

Watch Some Wedding Footage Online

Most Wedding Videographers will have a good selection of previous videos on their website for new potential customers to view. This will help you get a good insight into the style of film your chosen videographer produces. Make sure you take some time to look at these together with your partner and decide together if the style is one you both like and fits well with your wedding theme and celebrations. This will help you compare your own thoughts for plans for your wedding with respect to what you’re seeing on screen.

Contact Companies for Quotes

Making sure you get quotations when choosing a wedding videographer is really important. When asking for a quote, it’s a good idea to have a think about the length of the finished video you’d like, which will be the main price determining factor. Make sure the final cost of the video meets your expectations. Many videographers will offer a variety of packages. Some videographers will offer DVD’s, some will post your film privately online and others will present a USB in a wedding presentation box. If you would like a quote for your wedding video, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

Think About the Type of Wedding Video You Would Like

In general, the style of videos offered by many videographers are as follows:

Documentary style – these are videos which document all the important aspects of your celebration and are filmed ‘as they happen’

Same day edit – the footage is taken on the day of the wedding and available at the reception for viewing)

Next day edit – same as above, but edited overnight, with the finished video available the next day

Cinematic – this style of video is when a videographer takes all the main aspects of your special day and edits them in a ‘film’ style rather than chronologically as they happen. These usually come with a larger price tag due to the extent of the creative process required to produce this style of video

Edited highlights – these are shorter videos which capture in a highlighted form all the main aspects of your celebration. They’re usually between 10 and 20 minutes long.

We’ve written a really helpful article about Types of Wedding Videos so read more about which style would suit your needs.

Ask the Videographer for Examples of Their Work

The very best way to decide whether or not you like the style and finished video product of any videographer is to ask to see some examples of their work. You could either ask directly or if there are some examples online you will be able to view those.

This will give you a fantastic overview of the kind of weddings they video, their style (or styles) available and give a definitive view of their work. Once you’ve decided on the type of video from the above list, or if you’d like to see some examples of each style to help you choose whether they’re the videographer for you, ask to see some examples.

This may be something they could offer in an introductory meeting with you, or you could telephone or email to ask directly and both you and your partner can view them at your leisure.

Once you’ve finished your research, you’ll have taken enough time to get some quotes, reviewed filmmakers websites, price packages, style of video.

You’ll be safe knowing they’ll likely make you and your guests feel at ease and most importantly, that you’ve found your dream videographer to attend your big day. You’ll also be more certain that you’ve chosen your dream videographer to capture your special day – exactly as you want it. Once certain …it’s time to book them!

How Soon Should You Book Your Videographer

As there are so many considerations and preparations to make, choosing your videographer can often be a process that’s left until the last minute, at which point you may be faced with the sad news that your expert and professional videographer you have taken so much care over choosing, is already booked on your special day.

It’s also wise to take into account the popularity of your wedding date too and make sure you build this into your timescales. For example, a June wedding may be booked up earlier than maybe an October or February wedding.

To make sure you’re not disappointed to find your dream videographer is already booked, it’s wise to start your research soon after you’ve chosen your venue. The usual recommended time for choosing your venue is around a year before your wedding date.

So to fit with this timescale, it’s recommended that you choose and book

a videographer usually around 12 months or so before your wedding.


Make sure you give yourself plenty of time when booking your wedding videographer and do as much research as you can to make sure you have the best possible film and a wonderful forever lasting caption of your special day – to share with your family and friends for many years to come.

We like to think we fit the criteria for what makes a good videographer, so if you’d like help on any of the above topics or you’d like to book a date, then get in touch and we’ll be able to help.


wonderful Wedding Videography

As a wedding videographer, I’m often asked why it’s important to have a wedding video – here’s my helpful response…

There are a million reasons why the happy couple think it might not be a good idea – ranging from ‘Uncle Dan has a camcorder’, to ‘I’ll just get my best friend Jane to record it on her phone’, all the way through to ‘my friend had one and it was awful!’, or even ‘what’s the point’?

Let’s take a look below at why you should include wedding videography in your overall budget and explore a few of the misconceptions around wedding videography.

Here’s the quick response, before we dive into the millions of reasons!

Why is wedding videography important? Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is vital you allocate some of your wedding budget to capture your day, to view for many years to come. Photographs, camcorders and mobile phones are unable to produce the quality of professional footage from an experienced videographer.

I speak to many happy couples at wedding fares and I’ve put together a list of the most typical misconceptions around wedding videography. Hopefully, this article will help you to make the number one decision which will continue to bring you a fabulous recorded film of your special day, to view with your other half, family friends and loved ones for years to come.

Wedding Videos Are Too Expensive

There are so many things to buy for your wedding, it’s hardly surprising that most budgets will be stretched to the limit. High outlays on items which will most probably never be used again or will have very little use after the wedding. Suits which will have to be sent back to hirers, with nothing to show for your outlay, the same with your hire cars, flowers will have to be hastily divided up amongst the guests to save them from being thrown away, expensive wedding dresses which will be stored in a corner of your wardrobe unused.

Wedding Videography will create a wonderful memory of your day, which is forever lasting and will bring you and your loved ones joy forever! It will remind you of moments that you may forget over the course of time and also show you parts of your own wedding you may not have even seen on the day. It may be more affordable than you think. Check out the prices for a 3-5 minute highlight video.

For this reason, it is a ‘must do’ for your budget as it’s one of the only reminders of your wedding, which will bring you lasting memories and pleasure.

I Hate Seeing Myself on Video

We’ve all got used to seeing so much of ourselves back-to-front in a mirror, we have very little concept of how we are in fact viewed by others! It’s definitely a concept we can all pretty much relate to, along with ‘I hate hearing myself on video!’.

While we have our own thoughts of how we come across in person and audibly, the reality is, it’ll most likely not be the same as you’re perceived by others. A video portrays us in the most accurate way others see us, so the key point is that you’ll enjoy watching your video seeing your friends and relatives appear how you know and love them, and your friends and family will love seeing you for the same reason!

On the day of your wedding, everyone around you along with the happy couple, the stars of the show, will be acting naturally, simply being happy, chatting, laughing, crying and ultimately having a fantastic time catching up with old friends and celebrating a special day.

It’s a one-off event share with the whole of your social circle, including old friends and relatives that you may not have had chance to see for a while, and it’s highly likely you won’t ever all be together again in such a setting.

Over the years as you watch your wedding video, this will become more and more apparent to you and truly make you realize and appreciate you made the right decision in hiring a videographer!

So, no matter how awful you think you may come across on the day on film, remember you’ll have most likely spent hours and weeks previous making yourself feel and look your best, with all the top quality beauty preparations you can think of, you are both wearing amazingly cut beautiful gowns and suits and there’s very little doubt that you’ll be bringing the best opportunity, most probably than ever before, to film yourself!

This is one day in your life, that is the ultimate day to have you and your partner star in your own show! In years to come you’ll most certainly be thankful you have a film of the day to remind you of how fantastic you both looked!

Ok, so we now know you’re both going to look amazing, right? But what if you think that you don’t need a videographer as you’re having photos? Read on to find out why both ways of capturing your day are as important as each other.

I Am Having a Photographer

A beautiful photographic document is always a thing to cherish. All your friends, family, and special guests will no doubt be clicking away taking hundreds of ‘off duty’ images of your special moments. But the main difference between the hundreds of images your friends will take and those taken by a professional, an expert experienced photographer with essential equipment will be huge in terms of quality.

No wedding is really complete without a photographer but equally no wedding is complete without a videographer! Both are two mediums which offer two very different experiences and perspectives.

Saying ‘I don’t need a videographer because I have a photographer’ is like saying ‘I don’t need a sofa because I have a dining chair’. Both are similar but are two totally different experiences.

The magical moments that can be captured by videography are unparalleled with photographs. Priceless footage of a father catching the first glimpse of his daughter as a bride, the look of wonder on your partners face as he lifts your veil, a mini guest dancing with your sister at the reception, and your grandfathers laugh, these are all moments of wonder which can’t be captured purely with a photograph. The sights, sounds, and atmosphere are captured forever in a moving sequence.

Uncle Dan Has a Camcorder

Two main reasons why this is not a good idea. Firstly, Uncle Dan will be robbed of enjoying your special day with you, enjoying a glass of champagne and spending his day chatting to relatives and friends and secondly, however skilled he might be, the most well-meaning enthusiasts, unfortunately, lack the knowledge and experience required to film an entire wedding.

They’ll probably have limited knowledge of how to work with inadequate lighting, how to make sure vows which are usually spoken in a quiet manner are recorded loud enough to be heard on the final video, and most importantly he may not have the editing skills required to ensure a flowing, well polished finished production.

Hiring a professional videographer will ensure steady shots (no home video style shaky imagery), the images will be sharp, the sound will be bright and audible, and will be far superior to any home video.

It’ll often be filmed by more than 1 camera too, so the finished result will be edited using camera angles and techniques which make it interesting and vibrant to view. Music will also be added where appropriate to enhance the images and overall it will appear more like a well-produced TV program!

My Friend Had a Wedding Video, and the Quality Was Awful

Maybe you watched a friends wedding video which may have been recorded some years ago? Even a few years ago within technology such as film recording, it could be seriously out of date.

A video made with older recording equipment may produce low-quality images and seemingly poor sound. Perfect for your friend to have captured their wedding at the time with the latest tech, but you should be captured using the latest technology and techniques of its day.

Experienced, professional photographers will have appropriate equipment, which is likely to be very high definition, superb quality microphones and also experienced enough to know how to use them expertly.

Wedding Videos Are so Embarrassing

Today’s wedding video film-makers can produce wonderful, elegant, stylish and cinematic works of art with crisp images, romantic storytelling, a superb soundtrack with excellent quality sound and slick editing.

A modern videographer will produce films of such quality that they’re streets ahead of the kind of wedding videos we witnessed in the ’80s and ‘90s. Back in those days, many of the editing packages had a myriad of awful cheesy effects which were – for the most part, overused, creating edits that were appropriate for the time. Most modern wedding videos would be difficult to tell apart from a TV documentary.

Their video was great for their time, you need a video great for your time

A Final Thought on Why It’s Important to Have a Wedding Video

If as a grandchild, you were offered the chance to look at your grandparents wedding video, seeing them in the flesh on their wedding day, in a special moving film of their most special celebration day, seeing how they looked, spoke and interacting with other relatives who may no longer be around, would you take it?


You’ve checked out the all-important reasons why you need a fabulous filmed keepsake of your special day, so don’t be one of those couples who kick themselves after the ceremony saying ‘I wish we had hired a videographer!‘ make sure you get in touch with us today and start planning one of the most valuable memories of your wedding day today!

We’re always available for an informal chat or a telephone call 720-515-2033 or simply email us, and we look forward to getting to know you both as a couple and creating your own romantic and magical story.



With all your wedding preparations in full flow, it can often be an overwhelming time, with so much planning and preparation to attend to, many couples wonder whether it’s worth taking the time to have a planned photo shoot before their wedding day.

Are you wondering too? If so take a look below at why having a pre-wedding video is a perfect way to capture the essence of you both as a couple and bring an extra dimension to your wedding memories.

What is a pre-wedding video? A pre-wedding or engagement video is a photo shoot that usually takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. It tells the story of your relationship and also captures any activities or pre-wedding celebrations such as stag/hen celebrations or your morning wedding preparations.

‘Having a professionally shot pre-wedding or engagement video is a perfect opportunity during the overwhelming and hectic schedule of your wedding planning time to tell your own personal story, straight from the heart.’

Now that we understand a little more about pre-wedding videos, let’s take a closer look at how engagement or pre-wedding videos can help us create a wonderful memory of our own unique love story.

How an Engagement Shoot Helps You

There are many reasons why having a pre-wedding video can help you and your significant other create a long lasting memory of your wedding day, in a few different ways.

Time for your videographer to get to know you as a couple – he can look at whether you react in a casual way or more formally and he’ll be able to work on settings that compliment your style as a couple and will be a perfect introduction to working with you on your ending day celebration video.

Allows you to feel more comfortable with your videographer – gives you a good indication of how he works and shoots and once again assists preparation for your big wedding day shoot!

Builds rapport – a pre-wedding video helps you build a good rapport and enables you to get the most out of your wedding budget by ensuring your videographer captures the best footage possible.

‘A pre-wedding video is an amazing way to create a living, moving memory of your courtship, love, and engagement.’

What Makes a Great Pre-Wedding Video

When you decide to have a pre-wedding video, the final result can depend on a number of things.

Does the video capture the couples unique story? – for example, has your videographer really taken time to get to know you as a couple? Does he understand how you react with each other?

How your emotions are captured in the film? – Does the film fit with how you see yourselves as a couple? Has your photographer made sure he’s captured your important emotions and the essence of your romance?

Making sure you hire a professional videographer who has excellent reviews and feedback can really ensure you’re getting a quality pre-wedding video. One which you’ll be thrilled and amazed by, concerning their attention to detail, in capturing the essence of how you and your partner react together and your unique story.

Let’s take a look below at the difference between pre-wedding or engagement photo shoots and a pre-wedding video.

How a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Differs to a Pre-Wedding Video

A pre-wedding photo shoot will be different as its only able to capture a single dimensional memory, as opposed to your pre-wedding video which is a living, breathing snapshot of your story, including the sounds, living textures, ambience, movements and allows you both more freedom to demonstrate your feelings, thoughts and expressions of the love you have for each other during the day.

Now we’ve checked out how photographs and videos differ, we can check out the difference between your main wedding day celebration video and your pre-wedding video.

How does a pre-wedding video differ to your celebration day video? Your celebration day wedding video will capture all of the important moments, from getting ready in the morning to those first few looks when you finally set eyes on each other at the ceremony, through to your vows, reception speeches and your guests enjoying your special day with you.

In contrast, your pre-wedding video will be a little more focused on the two of you in comfortable and meaningful surroundings, maybe doing something you love, such as hiking through a favorite mountain range, perhaps relaxing in your favorite coffee shop or the restaurant where you had your very first date!

Ok, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and schedule a pre-wedding video. Let’s look at some great tips on how to prepare for your day!

Hire a professional make-up artist – As your precious-wedding video will become part of your family history, it’s worth making sure you hire a professional to make sure you look your best! This will form part of your family history too – so you want to look your best.

Give your outfits some thought – Herringbone and paisley patterns and thin stripes are not good choices for clothing to wear on a pre-wedding photo shoot as they react badly under a camera lens. Also wherever possible, avoid red as it can bleed somewhat or give an unwelcome glow on your finished film

Act naturally! – A wedding video/film needs the action to be fairly natural and un-posed, which is the opposite of traditional photography.

Smile and laugh – Lots of natural, relaxed expressions are essential to make a great pre-wedding video so try and have some fun with your partner before the shoot wherever possible.

Tell your story – Try to bring your natural selves to the filming and make sure you include any spontaneous moments which will help your videographer really tell your own unique love story.

Be respectful – This I’m sure goes without saying, but as a reminder, be respectful, to both your partner, family and friends and those that might – or might not see the video. Don’t embarrass anyone or make inappropriate remarks. Bring only your best most positive self. A good Videographer can also guide you on these matters.

How We Prepare for Your Pre-Wedding Video

As part of the preparations for your wedding video, we’ll make sure you’ve had all the help and guidance we can offer! We’ll meet with you beforehand to conduct an informal discussion, where we can get a good idea of what kind of style video you would like and get to know you.

We may interview you with audio or video. This way we can really make sure we can shoot the video to perfectly compliment you and your wedding theme.

We’ll set the scene for you and create a natural shoot where your personalities and stories combine to create your own bespoke story.

Many people wonder where they showcase their pre-wedding videos. Let’s take a look below.

Where Can I Show My Pre-Wedding Video?

Many couples choose to premiere a pre-wedding video on their wedding celebration day. This has a really powerful impact on guests and gives a fabulous introduction at your reception to you as husband and wife!

It allows your guests to really get to you know both a little bit better and also precludes your guests from needing to ask questions like ‘how did you meet?’

It’s a fabulous showcase for your guests to feel close to you both on your wedding celebration day and feel they know more of the story behind the day.

Top Tips on How to Prepare for Your Pre-Wedding Video

When you’re preparing for your pre-wedding video, it’s important to follow a few processes to get the best quality video possible and to make sure you arrive fully prepared. Let’s take a closer look.

Keep your ‘look’ as close to your natural selves as possible – Don’t, for instance, decide to go with a massive image overhaul at the last minute. Any extreme imagery of you can make for a video where it will be difficult to recognize who you are, which may make you feel disappointed with the finished result.

Plan ahead with regard to your concept – For instance, if wish for your video to be filmed at a bungee jump, discuss with your videographer in plenty of time. The same goes for any required planning, such as outfits, makeup, and hair. Give yourself adequate time to get these in place before the shoot.

Don’t forget about your partner’s wishes. Make sure you’re both happy with the concept and style of shoot, as its a representation of your love story

My Final Edit

So, that’s it! Follow our simple steps and together with your professional videographer, you’ll create a wonderful long lasting film of your wedding preparations for your friends, family and loved ones to view for many years to come.

If you’d like any information on topics discussed above or would like to get in touch for an informal chat or even a skype call, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Wedding Videography Colorado

Why has wedding videography become so popular with modern people recently? It’s not what you think. The days of cheesy wedding ceremony video shot from a tripod on a VHS camcorder or uncle Joe’s vertical iPhone video are finally behind us. First of all the fact that camera equipment has gotten a lot better and a lot more affordable has made high quality movies possible for more young couples. Modern hybrid camera costing only $5000 can do what a $70K camera from 2002 could do. It’s brought super high quality footage to normal people’s idea of doable. So now we can make a Hollywood like cinematic film of your wedding day, where YOU are the star of the movie, for a very affordable price, you can see yourself on the big screen with rich vibrant colors, and movie like slow motion scenes. When this is edited into a cinematic storyline, it’s easy to get in to it.

Story telling is what photo and video are all about. A photo can only tell a short, simple story. But video can really get the emotions of the day, the butterflies, the laughter, the joy, and revelry of it all. The story will take you through the day starting with the girls getting ready with, hair, and make up and of course mom helping pin up that beautiful wedding dress. Over in the guys room, they confidently laughing and joking as they button their cufflinks and tight up the ties will surly be swung around wildly on the dance floor 6 hours from now. But they must look good for now. The ceremony starts in 55 minutes.

Capturing the ceremony is probably the most important part of a videographer’s job. The words that are spoken are sacred and recording clean audio and steady video matters here the most. Husband and wife will make promises to each other that are meant to last forever and so should the record of these vows. A photo can show you that you were there but not what was said, not what was promised, not the light sound of sniffles while he pours his heart out to you in front all of the most important people in your lives. Only video can save every small laugh and cry from these 20 minutes of Ceremony. It goes so fast that before you know it, you will be on the sunset photos on the lawn.

Your first moments as husband and wife will be with your photographer and videographer walking slowly and giggling about what just happened. YOU GOT MARRIED! It’s all so much to process. At this point, just relax and have fun, this will be some of the absolute best parts of your wedding day film. Buttery smooth slow motion in warm magic hour sunset lighting. Smile because it finally happened, after all of the planning, all of the calls and emails, you did it! Smile and just love. Your wedding video is going to save all of the best moments of your day. You will love watching it again and crying tears of joy. But when you see how how many likes, comments and shares your video gets on social media, you will feel how much love there is your world, from friends and family who attended, and those who could not be there. Your wedding is a personal keepsake you will treasure for the rest of your lives.