Estes Park Wedding Videography

Estes Park Wedding Videography

A perfect place to film your wedding video, Estes Park Colorado is the number 1 spot in the contiguous united states. It’s no surprise with beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park just a few miles away and it’s picturesque green valleys and snowcapped peaks are the perfect background for an unforgettable wedding. There are dozens of wedding venues in Estes Park, with something in everyone’s budget. You can go bourgeoisie with a mountain chateau, or find a weekday special and have a perfect little wedding by a creek. With all of this amazing scenery, you will definitely want to get Estes Park Wedding Videography to save all of the beauty and fun that can’t be saved in a photo.

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Wedding Videography Prices for Estes Park, CO

The average wedding video will cost about $3300. There are higher end companies that charge $6000 or more, but you end up turning your beautiful wedding into a film set. We are low key and blend into to the crowd, chatting with guests and making everyone feel comfortable. We carry smaller cameras and we charge less. Dugan Media is based out of Denver, Approximately 90 minutes away from Estes Park. We Include travel in our price.

You can figure about $1500- $2500 depending on what you need. This will include 1 or 2 videographers and between 6-8 hours of filming. 


Helpful tips for getting a great wedding film

 As a couple, there are a few things that you can do to help you look your best on camera.

Make sure to schedule plenty of time with your videographer

You will not remember cocktail hour in 5 years, just the epic moments saved in video for you to relive again and again. If you can save 40 minutes just before sunset that will give you time to get some really amazing shots for your wedding video. Weddings always run behind, so that 40 minutes can turn into 15 minutes. If you only schedule 15 minutes, there is a good chance you will not get enough time with your videographer to create the epic video that you paid for.

Write letters to each other

This is an old tradition and is a wonderful way to tell each other something in writing that you might not say out loud.  It’s a perfect chance to be a bit sappy. It only needs to be a couple of paragraphs long. Your videographer can film you reading each others notes as you read them out loud. This will make some incredible sound bites for the video.

Don’t look at the camera

It seems like you should look at the camera but not so much with video. Photographers want you to stare into their lens and smile, but when shooting video, it generally looks better candid. That means look at your partner with loving eyes, soft touching and slow movements. You can look down while you walk, look at something in the distance. Your videographer will help direct you but fun flirting almost always looks better that actual kissing. Estes Park has so much natural beauty, just enjoy it and each other and your wedding film will be everything you wanted and more.

Dugan Media Wedding Videography

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