It’s been a great experience working with Dugan. I must say, he is not only highly experienced, but also he has been very cooperative with us. Especially, for me as a camera shy person, his working style and optimistic attitude was very helpful. Thanks Dugan!


I had a plan for wedding videography from the very beginning, but I wasn’t sure who could give me what i was hoping for. I wanted nothing cliché or by-the-book rather I was looking for something creative and timeless. Now, I can say that choosing Dugan and his brother over any other videographers we looked at was a great decision for us.


Thanks to Dugan for such a wonderful and supportive service. I wasn’t at all sure if I could really deal with the camera and all that technical stuff. But Dugan made everything so easy and comforting for us. This pro has an adorable personality and I really appreciate that.