I am going to share with you some very important things for you to share with your wedding planner before you start writing a schedule for your wedding day. Your wedding film needs to have certain elements in it to really look and feel amazing. After 3 years of filming weddings, I have learned a few things that need to be planned for so that the busy day still has time for all of the delicious little bits that make a wedding film truly wonderful.


1. Sunset Romanic Session

This is the first for a reason. It’s the most important part of a film that could be overlooked. Speeches could go long, or if you just plan your ceremony to late in the day during winter months you could miss it.

About 30 minutes before sunset, your video and your photo pro will NEED to take you outside to the prettiest area nearby to get some epic shots of you two as a couple alone for the first time. This is where I will get some super romantic shots of you together, giggling, playing, kissing, walking in nature, and being cute.


2. Where and when are you getting ready?

Shooting video clips every part of the day is important. You will want little clips of you getting ready. Tell your planner to have the rooms close enough that your wedding videographer can hop between the rooms getting shots of the guys and then the girls.

3. Plan your first look early.

We defiantly want to film the first look. Seeing the grooms face when he see’s his bride is priceless and not be missed. The reason we want to do it earlier than later is logistics. The bride and groom are the two biggest planners of the whole day. They need to be able to communicate. They see each other every single day. It put’s a strain on the whole event trying to keep them apart for so many hours. Let the surprise soon and they day can progress with less tension.

4. Leave enough time for the videographer to set up before the ceremony.

I will need to plug into the DJ sound board and test levels for a few minutes before the ceremony starts. Setting up tripods and adding a mic to the groom and officiant takes a few more minutes. Since everything on a wedding day runs a little behind its best to have 20 minutes of time to set it all up just perfect. This is the big moment. We want to get it right!

5. Try to schedule all of the reception events before the video and photo pros leave.

Dancing is fun, but doesn’t always make for the best video clips. It’s best to add in a verity of clips like cake cutting, bouquet toss, even a sparkler send off. If you only have the videographer until 9PM but have the hall until 11pm, sometimes a fake send off is a perfectly fun break from the dance floor for your guests. Everyone can go back in and keep on partying after we get the really fun shots of you two walking through the sparkling send off.

Bonus tip:

Write a letter to each other to read on camera before the ceremony. There is always so much that we don’t talk about that we know we should. This is a great chance to say something meaningful and beautiful. It can only be 1 or 2 paragraphs HANDWRITTEN on paper. Do this for each other and your video will really have the emotion that it deserves.


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