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So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to have a beautiful memento of your wedding day, showcasing all the important events of your glorious day to keep forever and share with your loved ones. You’re starting to wonder how long the video will be? Will it be just the edited highlights or a full-blown documentary style? Read on to discover more.

How long should a wedding video be? A wedding video’s length will depend on how many sections of your wedding ceremony you would like filmed and what kind of edit you choose. Highlights are generally between 3-5 minutes, feature edits between 10-20 minutes and documentary style edits can run between 1-2 hours.

You’ll be the final editor of your wedding video! The length of your video will be determined mainly by the length of time you would like your professional videographer to film your special day, celebrations and any pre-wedding preparations that you’d like to have the chance to see again, and for many years to come.

Your videographer will edit the final footage captured, to build your own personal love story around the kind of edit you choose.

Before we can decide on edits, let’s take a closer look at what this means, how your videographer edits your wedding video, the process involved and how you can more easily base your decision on the length of time you’d like your video to last for.

How a Videographer Edits Your Wedding Video

Your videographer will plan to make a fabulous story from your wedding day. Your story! Using the film he has created he’ll put together a unique story which puts you in the starring role! He or she will craft all the footage from your magical day and create a mini-movie which can be watched and enjoyed for years to come as a wonderful memory of your very special day.

As the day is ultimately about the happy couple, a professional videographer will take scene by scene of footage, with you at the center of the storytelling process.

How to Help Your Videographer Edit a Great Video

When you have your pre-wedding video interview try and give as much detail as you can about yourselves so your videographer can weave your own unique story around the fabulous live film of the day. The more detailed and emotional the better! So make sure you release your inner story-teller and really set the scene! Here are a few examples of the kinds of things you can think about:

  • Where did you first meet?

  • What was the weather like?

  • What was playing on the radio?

  • What are you both wearing?

  • What were you both thinking?

  • How you felt when you first saw each other

All those little details help your videographer to edit your footage, creating a story totally bespoke to you and a wonderful memory of your journey together.

How Your Vows and Speeches Help Create the Final Edit

The words you use on your wedding day, essentially create the ‘script’ of your video, which can help you to decide on how many ‘scenes’ you would like capturing on film, which in turn will help you make a decision as to how long your wedding video will be.


Your videographer will be able to capture some amazing audio as you take your vows. An important part of expressing how you feel about each other is writing personally written wedding vows. Not only are you creating a perfect way to express your feelings about each other, but you’re also giving your expert videographer the tools with which to create a fabulous finished edit of your day.

The words you say to each other whilst exchanging vows are possibly the most important words in the whole wedding ceremony. So if you’re planning to write your own vows, do make sure you let your videographer know so it can be woven into your final edit.

Creating Your Own Story Through the Speeches

Your day is ultimately about the two of you starting your married life together. The way your videographer will create the final edit of your film is by combining it with the words from your speeches to create a powerful narration track of the bride and groom’s speeches. These are your own personally written words and story about each other and will help to bring your own personal story to life.

There are lots of ways to write those wonderful words even if you don’t think you may be much of a writer! Below are a couple of ways of creating a speech to use that doesn’t involve you putting pen to paper!

A poem

Use a beautiful piece of writing from a book

Something that was written especially for the occasion by a close family member//important member of the wedding party

When you’re deciding how long your video should be, you can help your videographer by letting him know in advance if you have any special words or speeches lined up. That way, he’ll be able to perfectly capture them and use them in your final edit.

The Typical Length of a Wedding Video

The finished length of your wedding video will all depend on how many scenes you would like your videographer to film. This will depend of course, on your budget and what kind of style you’d like your finished article to be. The traditional documentary style is usually the most commonly chosen as this will show your wedding day celebrations in the most detail and in the order the events occurred. This is what we traditionally associate with a ‘wedding video’.

As your wedding video will help to create a long lasting memory of your special day, you’ll be able to share it with friends and loved ones, send it to friends and family who weren’t able to attend to see your big day, and you will be able to watch it for years to come (through the good times and the bad!) Think carefully about your budget as your wedding video is probably one of the most important things about the whole ceremony.

There are 5 main types of edits to choose from to create your wedding video. We’ll outline the main types here and how long they generally last. The information below will help you decide. However, be sure to get in touch with us to find out about our other packages available and we’ll be happy to discuss other options with you.

The main Wedding Video edit types are listed below: –

  • Wedding day edit, – or same day edit (SDE)

  • Next day (NDE)

  • Love story or feature

  • Documentary

  • Cinematic

Take a look below at these specific type of wedding videos to get an idea of how long they generally last.

How Long a Wedding Day Edit Video Is

This is a short film often abbreviated to SDE (same day edit) which is usually between 3 and 5 minutes in length. This video is created on the day of the wedding from footage shot during the wedding celebrations. It usually uses footage from the following:

The bride and groom along with main members of the wedding party getting ready for the ceremony

The main photo shoot where the traditional posed wedding pictures take place

Wedding couple and guests entering the reception

First dance by the wedding couple

This video is then shown prior to the reception, usually before the bride and grooms speeches. It’s also possible to include any required footage of pre-wedding shoots into this video.

How Long a Next Day Edit Is

A next day edit is similar to the same day edit. They’re produced overnight and are available the next day for showing. This works well for longer ceremonies based on more than one day. These types of wedding videos usually last 3 to 5 minutes.

How Long Is a Love Story Wedding Video?

A love story edit is a feature edit which is a storytelling video of the bride and groom. These can vary in length depending on how long you’d like your videographer to film for. They generally last between 10 and 20 minutes.

How Long Is a Documentary Wedding Video?

A documentary edit is sometimes called a journalist edit which gives you essentially a documentary type video. This edit takes footage from the whole day’s wedding ceremony and the reception – including all the major elements of your wedding day.

It’s typically shown in chronological order and is edited to keep the watcher engaged. This is where the real skill of your videographer can shine! This is the traditional kind of wedding video we are familiar with.

These videos usually last between 1 and 2 hours.

Length of a Cinematic Style Wedding Video

A cinematic video is a more creative way of presenting your wedding celebrations without missing out any of the important parts of your wedding day. It’s not necessarily shot in order the events happened. A cinematic style has a Hollywood feel with special camera angles and high-end equipment. This movie of your whole day will have a musical soundtrack to add to the cinematic feel. These kinds of videos usually last between 1 to 2 hours.

Here’s a summary for you of the above…

  • Type of Wedding Video General Length

  • Wedding Day Edit (SDE) 3 to 5 Minutes

  • Next Day Edit (NDE) 3 to 5 Minutes

  • Love Story / Feature Wedding Video 10 to 20 Minutes

  • Documentary Style Video 1 to 2 Hours

  • Cinematic Style Video 1 to 2 Hours


Your wedding video creates a long-lasting memory of your special day and we do hope we’ve given you some ideas of the styles of wedding videos available to help you decide on the length of wedding video you’d like. We provide all of these varieties and can create hybrid variations too based on your needs. So be sure to get in touch to discuss your needs, and how you’d like us to be part of your special day.

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