One of the most important reasons for having a pre-video interview is because you and your spouse-to-be will be seriously otherwise engaged on the big day! Taking your vows, greeting your guests and stepping into your starring role as the wedding couple.

Your pre-wedding interview will allow you to meet beforehand with your videographer and make a plan to ensure your video will have the tone and feel to match beautifully with the style and theme of your wedding day celebrations.

‘One of the most important reasons for having a pre-video interview is because

you and your spouse-to-be will be otherwise engaged on the big day!’

How Will Your Videographer Plan for Your Wedding Video?

Any experienced wedding videographer will be doing a large amount of planning before the shoot. He or she will be making sure they’re able to shoot your video in a ‘fly on the wall’ style so as to be not too visible on the day and blend in with the celebrations. By asking you a series of questions, an experienced and professional videographer will be able to find out a lot of information beforehand to make the finished result the best they can achieve.

He’ll be able to ascertain how many cameras, which type of cameras, moments and important nuances, and be able to plan effectively for the shoot beforehand.

By making sure you’re fully prepared ensures getting the best result you can get for the costs involved.

Let’s take a look below at many of the common questions you will be asked. This will help you get prepared and make the most of this special memory that is your big day! Why don’t you get a pretty notebook and jot down the main details below? This will help you with other interviews and meetings you may have regarding the wedding and means you’re fully prepared for every meeting.

What Questions Will Be Asked in a Pre-Wedding Interview?

Below are many of the most common questions your videographer will ask you at your pre-wedding video interview.

  • Who is getting married?

  • Where are you getting married?

  • When is the big day?

  • Do you have a set budget?

  • Are you looking at a basic package or a custom quote?

  • Filming the whole day? Or just certain parts – like the vows, bride arriving, speeches or reception?

  • What type of edit do you want? (traditional or more modern)

  • What kind of music do you both like?

  • Are there any planned moments outside of the ceremony?

  • Do you have any special items you would like photographed/videoed?

  • Are there any special entrances or exits from the ceremony planned?

  • Do you have any questions for me?

Let’s take a closer look at the questions below. But if you’re short on time and just want to get the ball rolling straight away, why not download our Videographer Interview Questionnaire pdf and send it back to us. That will probably save loads of time, or fill in all the questions you can directly on the site here.

Who Is Getting Married and Where/When Is the Ceremony?

It sounds obvious, but who, where and when are the first most important questions. Your videographer will need:

Full name of the bride and groom

Location of the ceremony and reception

Start and finish times of both the wedding and reception

Your videographer will also want to know where the make-up and hair preparations are going to be carried out and also where your best man and chief members of the wedding party will be during the morning of the wedding.

This will also help your videographer to give you an accurate quote so he can establish travel costs between venues and where the wedding preparations are taking place.

The start time will help your videographer accurately pinpoint the location of the sun on the day for available lighting purposes.


Your wedding videographer will need to create a quote for you so it’s worth thinking about if – and what your budget is. Most videographers will offer packages, each with their own starting costs. He’ll also ask you about your preferred method of payment. It’s worth asking him if he offers any kind of payment plan, to allow you to spread the cost.

What Type of Coverage Are You Looking For?

Are you looking at having the entire day videoed or are you looking at a combination of shoots, for example:

Morning prep of bride and her party, such as bridesmaids

Morning prep of groom and his party such as best man

The ceremony

The reception

This will allow your videographer to work out costs as it may require two videographers to capture your bride and groom’s morning prep for example.

What Type of Edit Do You Want?

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of your chosen videographers previous work so you have an idea of the style and feel of their work. He may ask you if you prefer a more traditional video which captures the events in chronological order or if you prefer a more modern cinematic storytelling type edit to your video. Should it include a montage, or do you want to capture a cinematic feel to the process?

What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Make sure you note down a few ideas of the type of music you prefer. Simply saying ‘anything’ won’t result in the most bespoke video to you as your videographer will then choose the music. He’ll likely base this on the kind of music at the reception if you really struggle to arrive at a particular music genre. So have a think if there are any special songs you would like to include or a song that means something to you both as a couple.

And remember, your videographer has probably attended far more weddings than you have (maybe!), so draw on their experience regarding this, they may know the timeless songs or the most stylish accompanying music. It also largely depends on the style of your desired final video as to what music suits it.

Are There Any Planned Moments Outside of Your Ceremony?

For all-day shoots, your videographer will need to know if there are any special planned moments outside of the wedding ceremony and reception. This may include a round of golf with the groom and important party members such as best man, maybe the bridal party is having morning tea somewhere you’d like that captured. He’ll also ask you if these planned events are inside or outside, that’ll help him decide on lighting requirements and which camera gear to bring along with him.

This also applies to the reception. Are you having big choreographed dances or fun things for the guests to enjoy? Share this information with your Videographer.

Do You Have Any Special Items You Would like Photographed?

Will the Bride will be wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue? Or maybe she’ll be wearing a special family piece of jewelry. Your videographer can make sure he gets some shots of these precious parts of your ceremony and special day.

Is There a Special Gateway or Exit Planned?

After the reception do you have a special grand exit taking place? Are you carrying sparklers or tossing anything into the crowd of guests? This will assist your photographer with any lighting requirements needed especially if you are carrying anything which has its own light. The same applied regarding any special entrances you or other important guests are likely to be making.

Be sure to let your videographer know if you have a special vehicle planned, such as a horse and cart, car or any other method of making your grand exit! This will assist him in making sure he looks out for this at the reception, at the right time, and captures some shots for you.

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Below is a selection of questions you may like to ask your videographer when you attend your pre-wedding video interview. Specifically when you’ll be able to see your video and how many copies of the film does the price include is worth making sure you understand.

Asking who owns the copyright is quite important as it usually costs more to own it. Finding out if your wedding videographer has worked at your venue before is very useful to know too. If he’s familiar with it, he will already be aware of the best camera angles and lighting opportunities.

  • How long have you been filming weddings?

  • Have you filmed at our venue before?

  • How would you describe your style?

  • Have you worked with our photographer before?

  • Can I choose the music?

  • How long will it be before we can see the finished video?

  • Who will own the copyright?

  • How many copies will I get?

  • What do the packages include?


Overall, it’s certainly recommended to make sure you allow time for a pre-wedding video interview with your videographer. You’re paying for a great service that will be seen for many years to come, so don’t leave it to chance. Ensure the best possible film that really captures the essence of your special day. Prepare, and get the most out of your experience and help us to create a high quality and professional film of your special day to cherish forever. This is what we help you to do, so why not get in touch with us at

So, you’re getting married and there seems an everlasting stream of important things to do! The venue, guest lists and a myriad of other requirements needing your attention. All you need is one more thing on your to-do list, right?

Your wedding videographer wants to make an appointment to see you and your soon-to-be other half are wondering if the meeting is essential and worth fitting in with your already super stretched wedding prep schedule? Read on to find out why it is a must-do!

Why have a pre-wedding interview? Having a pre-wedding video interview will make sure that your videographer produces your video in line with your personal requirements. Answering questions about you and your partner along with your wishes for the ceremony ensures your wedding video will be meaningful, unique and bespoke to you.

Deciding to Have a Pre-Wedding Video Interview

Deciding to have a wedding video is the prelude to a long-lasting memory of your wedding celebrations. It’s something many couples look into before their big day. It can be a wonderful capture of all the more formal moments – such as the bride arriving, the ceremony, speeches and of course all the more relaxed ‘off camera’ type shots of your family and loved ones enjoying your special day.

Any experienced and professional videographer will look to meet with you and your spouse-to-be before your wedding to discuss with you any particular requirements you have, in order to create a bespoke video for you and perfectly capture the essence and big moments in your day.

This is also your chance to be a director for the day! Your videographer will ask a series of questions and give you a spotlight to highlight any ideas you have for how you would like your video set out and filmed.

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