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Choosing and booking a wedding videographer can really enhance your magical day and provide a forever documentation of your special day. Whilst photographs are wonderful, they can fade, maybe you might lose your digital copies on a myriad of different devices, or however fabulous your memory, over time it can be difficult to remember all those magical moments from just a photograph, but a wedding video Is a long lasting memory, captured on film to share with your family and friends and enjoy for years to come.

How Do I Choose and Book a Wedding Videographer?

When choosing and booking a wedding videographer, make sure you shop around for an expert videographer who can work with your budget. Choose a videographer who has good feedback and recommendations, while ensuring you book early – as many videographers can be booked up a year or more in advance.

So once you’ve decided to book a wedding videographer, you may need some help in deciding which videographer to choose and ultimately when to book them for your special day. Read on for our top tips on how to make choosing and booking your videographer as simple as possible!

  • Pay attention to their website

  • Meet your videographer face to face

  • Ask the right questions

  • Watch some of their wedding footage

  • Contact companies for quotes

  • Think about the style of video you would like

  • Ask to see an example of their work

  • Book your videographer in advance

  • Take a Look at Their Reviews

    Take a look at their website

Check out your potential viedographer’s website to learn more about their style.

When you’re deciding on who to choose to film your special day, checking the website and any other relevant online platforms is essential if you want to make sure you’re hiring a progressional and credible videographer.

It may seem a quite obvious source of information, but make sure you do some relevant research relating to your videographers online presence to help you decide on who to choose to film your wedding day and possibly your pre-wedding celebrations.

Check their website – if you click on a wedding videographers website and their website isn’t modern, not good to look at and overall not very professional, this may lead you to question yourself on how professional and stylish their wedding films are likely to be.

Check google reviews – make sure you perform suitable Google review research. Check the kind of reviews the company has and also how many reviews. This can give you an overview of the popularity of your chosen videographer and whether or not they’re inspiring their customers to write a review on their services

Reviews on Wedding Directory sites – Reviews on wedding directory sites will provide you with information on other customers who have already been through the process and will show their opinions and reviews. Make sure you look for positive reviews and experiences from previous customers.

Meet Your Wedding Film Makers

Although there’s often so much to organize and do while planning your wedding, try to take some time to meet with your videographer face to face. We definitely recommend meeting with any potential wedding filmmaker in person.

Given the time constraints and the hundred and one other important considerations you need to fulfill when planning your wedding, look at a brief meeting, but one in which you can get a good measure of any potential videographer candidates. This could be in the form of either a quick coffee meetup, or even a Skype/FaceTime call.

Take a look below at some important considerations to look out for when you meet with a videographer and to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with the filmmaker you hire.

Does your wedding videographer have a good personality? – to get the best out of your budget, and your wedding video, your filmmaker needs the necessary skills to be able to produce a high-quality film. They’ll need to be skilled at interacting with people and happy to work with and directing crowds too.

Do they put you at ease? – A good Videographer needs to be able to make their film subjects feel comfortable and relaxed. Your wedding day is a very highly charged atmosphere with lots of emotion from the bride and groom and guests too, so it’s really important you feel at ease with any potential videographer

Are they listening to you? – If any potential videographer seems to be simply reeling off a list of prices and packages and you don’t feel listened to, then maybe they aren’t the right videographers for you. Your wedding is tremendously special and as individual as you, so it’s important that you feel considered and any requirements or questions you have are addressed and you feel listened to.

Are they smart and professionally dressed? – your chosen videographer will be a major feature of your wedding celebrations and it’s important they look smart and professionally dressed. Although they may meet you in a less formal setting such as over coffee or Skype call, make sure you pay attention to the impression they make on you with regards to their outward appearance.

Watch Some Wedding Footage Online

Most Wedding Videographers will have a good selection of previous videos on their website for new potential customers to view. This will help you get a good insight into the style of film your chosen videographer produces. Make sure you take some time to look at these together with your partner and decide together if the style is one you both like and fits well with your wedding theme and celebrations. This will help you compare your own thoughts for plans for your wedding with respect to what you’re seeing on screen.

Contact Companies for Quotes

Making sure you get quotations when choosing a wedding videographer is really important. When asking for a quote, it’s a good idea to have a think about the length of the finished video you’d like, which will be the main price determining factor. Make sure the final cost of the video meets your expectations. Many videographers will offer a variety of packages. Some videographers will offer DVD’s, some will post your film privately online and others will present a USB in a wedding presentation box. If you would like a quote for your wedding video, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

Think About the Type of Wedding Video You Would Like

In general, the style of videos offered by many videographers are as follows:

Documentary style – these are videos which document all the important aspects of your celebration and are filmed ‘as they happen’

Same day edit – the footage is taken on the day of the wedding and available at the reception for viewing)

Next day edit – same as above, but edited overnight, with the finished video available the next day

Cinematic – this style of video is when a videographer takes all the main aspects of your special day and edits them in a ‘film’ style rather than chronologically as they happen. These usually come with a larger price tag due to the extent of the creative process required to produce this style of video

Edited highlights – these are shorter videos which capture in a highlighted form all the main aspects of your celebration. They’re usually between 10 and 20 minutes long.

We’ve written a really helpful article about Types of Wedding Videos so read more about which style would suit your needs.

Ask the Videographer for Examples of Their Work

The very best way to decide whether or not you like the style and finished video product of any videographer is to ask to see some examples of their work. You could either ask directly or if there are some examples online you will be able to view those.

This will give you a fantastic overview of the kind of weddings they video, their style (or styles) available and give a definitive view of their work. Once you’ve decided on the type of video from the above list, or if you’d like to see some examples of each style to help you choose whether they’re the videographer for you, ask to see some examples.

This may be something they could offer in an introductory meeting with you, or you could telephone or email to ask directly and both you and your partner can view them at your leisure.

Once you’ve finished your research, you’ll have taken enough time to get some quotes, reviewed filmmakers websites, price packages, style of video.

You’ll be safe knowing they’ll likely make you and your guests feel at ease and most importantly, that you’ve found your dream videographer to attend your big day. You’ll also be more certain that you’ve chosen your dream videographer to capture your special day – exactly as you want it. Once certain …it’s time to book them!

How Soon Should You Book Your Videographer

As there are so many considerations and preparations to make, choosing your videographer can often be a process that’s left until the last minute, at which point you may be faced with the sad news that your expert and professional videographer you have taken so much care over choosing, is already booked on your special day.

It’s also wise to take into account the popularity of your wedding date too and make sure you build this into your timescales. For example, a June wedding may be booked up earlier than maybe an October or February wedding.

To make sure you’re not disappointed to find your dream videographer is already booked, it’s wise to start your research soon after you’ve chosen your venue. The usual recommended time for choosing your venue is around a year before your wedding date.

So to fit with this timescale, it’s recommended that you choose and book

a videographer usually around 12 months or so before your wedding.


Make sure you give yourself plenty of time when booking your wedding videographer and do as much research as you can to make sure you have the best possible film and a wonderful forever lasting caption of your special day – to share with your family and friends for many years to come.

We like to think we fit the criteria for what makes a good videographer, so if you’d like help on any of the above topics or you’d like to book a date, then get in touch and we’ll be able to help.


  1. You made a great point about visiting them and getting an idea of how they carry themselves. My husband and I are looking for a wedding videographer that we can hire for our daughter’s wedding this spring. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that can help us best.

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