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Getting married is a lifelong commitment and so every happy couple is looking at celebrating their special day in the most wonderful way they can. So many decisions to make regardings guests lists, venues, dresses, menus – and that’s just the beginning!

The decision-making process can feel like one difficult decision after another. As a professional Wedding Photographer, I’m often asked about the pro’s and con’s of committing your special day to film and so I thought I’d try to answer some of those questions here.

Pros and Cons of Using a Wedding Videographer: Although photographs can play an important part in capturing the highlights of your wedding day, hiring a professional wedding videographer can capture the important, memorable and emotional memories of your day. A professionally produced wedding film encapsulates your special day for many years to come.

So would you hire a videographer? Well hopefully, I can make that decision a little easier for you as we explore a few of the common questions below.

What Can a Videographer Add to My Wedding

Well, choosing to have a videographer at your wedding could be one of the best choices you will have made in your planning process. Hiring a wedding videographer can add a different dimension to your wedding day.

Many Brides tell me they feel as if their Wedding day slipped past them so fast, they didn’t have the chance to really feel involved, almost like a dream. Choosing to film your celebration can allow the Bride and Groom to relive all the delights of their day – the day they spent all that time, money and effort on.

Newlyweds also tell me how fabulous it is to see the festivities from a different angle, or maybe it’s being able to spot some fun happening or a magic moment or two. Perhaps they missed some priceless events whilst they were receiving guests or missed something whilst on other serious Bride and Groom duties. These are the important moments that guests tell you about afterward and you never even saw it. Those kinds of moments can be priceless to the whole memory of your wedding.

Brides can also miss really important arrivals too, such as their groom arriving or their treasured family or friends and it’s wonderful to be able to re-capture the day in a relaxing way – on film. Maybe snuggled up on your sofa with your new hubby and a glass of fizz!

Important moments can be priceless to the whole memory of your wedding.

A wedding videographer can capture the highlights of your celebration and bring all your special memories back to life. By having them recorded to a DVD or by easily uploading to a shared drive, you can encapsulate the essence of your wonderful day for years into the future – and for others to share too.

Should We Just Hire a Photographer Instead?

Wedding photographs are a traditional and important part of the wedding ceremony and no wedding would be complete without a group image of the happy couple and their fabulous family.

A gallery wall in the Newlyweds home with framed memories of their wedding day is an important part of the wedding journey. Not forgetting the wedding album. A stunning visual memory box, which will bring pleasure for years to come.

However, there are so many precious little moments which can only be captured with live action, such as the first time the Groom sets eyes on his bride or maybe when dad first sees his little girl ready to take the first steps into her new life. Or perhaps those heart-felt emotional messages from guests.

A Forbes magazine survey of over 18,000 couples, the largest study of its kind showed that 1 in 3 wedding couples hired a videographer.

Nearly every couple we work with expresses how quickly the day passes and how they’re so glad they hired both a photographer and a videographer to guarantee all their special moments being recorded in as much detail as possible, to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

The largest study of its kind showed that

1 in 3 Wedding couples hired a videographer.

How Expensive Is a Wedding Videographer

The budget for your wedding is so very important and, with a large list of expenses, it’s paramount that you receive the best value you can possibly get.

Wedding Videography is vital to capture all those little looks and gestures that can be so easily lost on more formally posed photography line ups. When considering filming your wedding you may well discover it’ll be less expensive than you originally thought, but the long term benefits will often be more than you paid for.

For those who think filming your day is out of your budget range, videographers will have a number of different packages to suit your needs and different ways of shooting. For example; you may like your videographer to film the day and simply take shots of the more formal line-ups, or simply offer you their budget shoot. Maybe hire a videographer and tell your friends and family to bring along digital cameras to create a more informal wedding album.

You may even just want a ‘highlights’ film featuring the important moments of the day, which could reduce your costs dramatically. A wedding video will last forever and capture your day in a way nothing else can.

Do talk to your videographer about available packages – or just give us a call or send an email, we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Will a Videographer Get in the Way?

An experienced wedding videographer uses cameras that are small enough to fit into a small bag so that there is the least possible intrusion on your wedding ceremony and celebrations. These days not videography is required to use paparazzi type cameras, the aim these days is to be less obtrusive, and minimize blocking everyone’s view and creating self-consciousness situations for you and your guests.

A professional wedding videographer will have an unobtrusive ability to ensure you and your guests are relaxed and enjoying the day. They’ll also likely be dressed like guests so as not to be obvious, or spoil, or divert any natural moments or situations from your special day. Videographers are relaxed, will blend into the background and will certainly not make your guests feel as if they’re constantly under a microscope the entire time.

Larger weddings can sometimes require a team of photographers and videographers to capture everything happening on one day and this may be required if you’re planning a very large wedding celebration and event.

Hiring a Videographer Quality Variables

As with any purchase, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is as prevalent with videography as with any other consumable. Established videographers are able to produce wedding films that include your music and also epic cinematic soundtracks which capture sound to a very high degree.

High quality, sharp and crisp video footage equal to any other form of cinematography. Modern cameras are able to excellently capture situations which have low lighting such as your evening party, so you won’t have to worry about you and guests being blinded by video lights!

Your first dance and maybe adorable footage of the mini guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor will be professionally captured.

A quality conscious Videographer will always make sure they capture all the ‘important’ traditional shots such as:

Groom waiting at the altar

Procession with Bride’s entrance


First kiss as a married couple


First dance

Cake cutting

Bouquet Toss

Before experimenting with any other artistic endeavors, don’t worry about the techy details too much and don’t make your decision based on this. A good videographers skill, style, and creativity are far more important than how super flashy you think their camera should be.

What If the Couple Are Camera Shy?

You do not have to worry that your wedding day will be turned into a film set, as we know this can initially be a big worry for anyone considering a videographer. We make sure our footprint on the day is as small as possible and minimal equipment used. Our favorite compliment from our clients is that ‘guests barely noticed the videographer at the wedding’.

Some brides can be really nervous about being followed around all day, but a good videographer will be moving around constantly, capturing footage of all of the guests and the venue and can build up a professionally portrayed picture of the whole day, so the Bride can relax and enjoy her day without feeling she’s being overly watched.

Our professionalism and unobtrusive presence mean your wedding video can be filmed discreetly whilst still making sure all your special, magical memories are captured on film for you to watch forever.

Wedding Videographer Pros and Cons Summary

So to round up, here’s my Pros and Cons summary to help your decision, I’d love to see how many more you could add, so be sure to comment below.


Live moments can often be more precious than still photographs

Sharing video with absent loved ones can make them feel they were present

It’s not always as expensive as you think

It can be unobtrusive for guests

You can see more of the days moments you weren’t present for

The cost will fade, the film will not


Finding a good videographer you can trust can be difficult

It’s more can be more expensive than a photographer

You might be self-conscious, especially if one of you are camera shy

But I need more flowers!

So Finally…

Well, now you’ll have hopefully come to your decision concerning the most amazing day of your life and wouldn’t want to miss any gesture or look of emotion from your fabulous family and wedding party.

You will (I trust) have considered making the investment to record your special day to enjoy for many years to come. Maybe share your Best Man’s speech with friends who couldn’t make it, re-play your first dance or when your Aunt caught the bouquet!

Here’s one final Pro for you, take a look around our website to see the amazing results a videographer can bring. The real Wedding videographer ‘Pros’ come ultimately from what you make of a great day, so we believe we’re a great choice as your wedding videographers.

We’re an affordable videography service for the Denver area and beyond. We’re dedicated to providing every wedding we film with a sense of artistry and cinematic presence.

Our packages are designed to ensure every moment of your wedding day is your absolute best moment. Why not contact us now for a free discussion.

Finally, thank you for reading, I’d love to hear your comments below, and I’d like to leave you with a wonderful quote from the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”


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