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As a wedding videographer, I’m often asked why it’s important to have a wedding video – here’s my helpful response…

There are a million reasons why the happy couple think it might not be a good idea – ranging from ‘Uncle Dan has a camcorder’, to ‘I’ll just get my best friend Jane to record it on her phone’, all the way through to ‘my friend had one and it was awful!’, or even ‘what’s the point’?

Let’s take a look below at why you should include wedding videography in your overall budget and explore a few of the misconceptions around wedding videography.

Here’s the quick response, before we dive into the millions of reasons!

Why is wedding videography important? Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is vital you allocate some of your wedding budget to capture your day, to view for many years to come. Photographs, camcorders and mobile phones are unable to produce the quality of professional footage from an experienced videographer.

I speak to many happy couples at wedding fares and I’ve put together a list of the most typical misconceptions around wedding videography. Hopefully, this article will help you to make the number one decision which will continue to bring you a fabulous recorded film of your special day, to view with your other half, family friends and loved ones for years to come.

Wedding Videos Are Too Expensive

There are so many things to buy for your wedding, it’s hardly surprising that most budgets will be stretched to the limit. High outlays on items which will most probably never be used again or will have very little use after the wedding. Suits which will have to be sent back to hirers, with nothing to show for your outlay, the same with your hire cars, flowers will have to be hastily divided up amongst the guests to save them from being thrown away, expensive wedding dresses which will be stored in a corner of your wardrobe unused.

Wedding Videography will create a wonderful memory of your day, which is forever lasting and will bring you and your loved ones joy forever! It will remind you of moments that you may forget over the course of time and also show you parts of your own wedding you may not have even seen on the day. It may be more affordable than you think. Check out the prices for a 3-5 minute highlight video.

For this reason, it is a ‘must do’ for your budget as it’s one of the only reminders of your wedding, which will bring you lasting memories and pleasure.

I Hate Seeing Myself on Video

We’ve all got used to seeing so much of ourselves back-to-front in a mirror, we have very little concept of how we are in fact viewed by others! It’s definitely a concept we can all pretty much relate to, along with ‘I hate hearing myself on video!’.

While we have our own thoughts of how we come across in person and audibly, the reality is, it’ll most likely not be the same as you’re perceived by others. A video portrays us in the most accurate way others see us, so the key point is that you’ll enjoy watching your video seeing your friends and relatives appear how you know and love them, and your friends and family will love seeing you for the same reason!

On the day of your wedding, everyone around you along with the happy couple, the stars of the show, will be acting naturally, simply being happy, chatting, laughing, crying and ultimately having a fantastic time catching up with old friends and celebrating a special day.

It’s a one-off event share with the whole of your social circle, including old friends and relatives that you may not have had chance to see for a while, and it’s highly likely you won’t ever all be together again in such a setting.

Over the years as you watch your wedding video, this will become more and more apparent to you and truly make you realize and appreciate you made the right decision in hiring a videographer!

So, no matter how awful you think you may come across on the day on film, remember you’ll have most likely spent hours and weeks previous making yourself feel and look your best, with all the top quality beauty preparations you can think of, you are both wearing amazingly cut beautiful gowns and suits and there’s very little doubt that you’ll be bringing the best opportunity, most probably than ever before, to film yourself!

This is one day in your life, that is the ultimate day to have you and your partner star in your own show! In years to come you’ll most certainly be thankful you have a film of the day to remind you of how fantastic you both looked!

Ok, so we now know you’re both going to look amazing, right? But what if you think that you don’t need a videographer as you’re having photos? Read on to find out why both ways of capturing your day are as important as each other.

I Am Having a Photographer

A beautiful photographic document is always a thing to cherish. All your friends, family, and special guests will no doubt be clicking away taking hundreds of ‘off duty’ images of your special moments. But the main difference between the hundreds of images your friends will take and those taken by a professional, an expert experienced photographer with essential equipment will be huge in terms of quality.

No wedding is really complete without a photographer but equally no wedding is complete without a videographer! Both are two mediums which offer two very different experiences and perspectives.

Saying ‘I don’t need a videographer because I have a photographer’ is like saying ‘I don’t need a sofa because I have a dining chair’. Both are similar but are two totally different experiences.

The magical moments that can be captured by videography are unparalleled with photographs. Priceless footage of a father catching the first glimpse of his daughter as a bride, the look of wonder on your partners face as he lifts your veil, a mini guest dancing with your sister at the reception, and your grandfathers laugh, these are all moments of wonder which can’t be captured purely with a photograph. The sights, sounds, and atmosphere are captured forever in a moving sequence.

Uncle Dan Has a Camcorder

Two main reasons why this is not a good idea. Firstly, Uncle Dan will be robbed of enjoying your special day with you, enjoying a glass of champagne and spending his day chatting to relatives and friends and secondly, however skilled he might be, the most well-meaning enthusiasts, unfortunately, lack the knowledge and experience required to film an entire wedding.

They’ll probably have limited knowledge of how to work with inadequate lighting, how to make sure vows which are usually spoken in a quiet manner are recorded loud enough to be heard on the final video, and most importantly he may not have the editing skills required to ensure a flowing, well polished finished production.

Hiring a professional videographer will ensure steady shots (no home video style shaky imagery), the images will be sharp, the sound will be bright and audible, and will be far superior to any home video.

It’ll often be filmed by more than 1 camera too, so the finished result will be edited using camera angles and techniques which make it interesting and vibrant to view. Music will also be added where appropriate to enhance the images and overall it will appear more like a well-produced TV program!

My Friend Had a Wedding Video, and the Quality Was Awful

Maybe you watched a friends wedding video which may have been recorded some years ago? Even a few years ago within technology such as film recording, it could be seriously out of date.

A video made with older recording equipment may produce low-quality images and seemingly poor sound. Perfect for your friend to have captured their wedding at the time with the latest tech, but you should be captured using the latest technology and techniques of its day.

Experienced, professional photographers will have appropriate equipment, which is likely to be very high definition, superb quality microphones and also experienced enough to know how to use them expertly.

Wedding Videos Are so Embarrassing

Today’s wedding video film-makers can produce wonderful, elegant, stylish and cinematic works of art with crisp images, romantic storytelling, a superb soundtrack with excellent quality sound and slick editing.

A modern videographer will produce films of such quality that they’re streets ahead of the kind of wedding videos we witnessed in the ’80s and ‘90s. Back in those days, many of the editing packages had a myriad of awful cheesy effects which were – for the most part, overused, creating edits that were appropriate for the time. Most modern wedding videos would be difficult to tell apart from a TV documentary.

Their video was great for their time, you need a video great for your time

A Final Thought on Why It’s Important to Have a Wedding Video

If as a grandchild, you were offered the chance to look at your grandparents wedding video, seeing them in the flesh on their wedding day, in a special moving film of their most special celebration day, seeing how they looked, spoke and interacting with other relatives who may no longer be around, would you take it?


You’ve checked out the all-important reasons why you need a fabulous filmed keepsake of your special day, so don’t be one of those couples who kick themselves after the ceremony saying ‘I wish we had hired a videographer!‘ make sure you get in touch with us today and start planning one of the most valuable memories of your wedding day today!

We’re always available for an informal chat or a telephone call 720-515-2033 or simply email us duganm@gmail.com, and we look forward to getting to know you both as a couple and creating your own romantic and magical story.

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