With all your wedding preparations in full flow, it can often be an overwhelming time, with so much planning and preparation to attend to, many couples wonder whether it’s worth taking the time to have a planned photo shoot before their wedding day.

Are you wondering too? If so take a look below at why having a pre-wedding video is a perfect way to capture the essence of you both as a couple and bring an extra dimension to your wedding memories.

What is a pre-wedding video? A pre-wedding or engagement video is a photo shoot that usually takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. It tells the story of your relationship and also captures any activities or pre-wedding celebrations such as stag/hen celebrations or your morning wedding preparations.

‘Having a professionally shot pre-wedding or engagement video is a perfect opportunity during the overwhelming and hectic schedule of your wedding planning time to tell your own personal story, straight from the heart.’

Now that we understand a little more about pre-wedding videos, let’s take a closer look at how engagement or pre-wedding videos can help us create a wonderful memory of our own unique love story.

How an Engagement Shoot Helps You

There are many reasons why having a pre-wedding video can help you and your significant other create a long lasting memory of your wedding day, in a few different ways.

Time for your videographer to get to know you as a couple – he can look at whether you react in a casual way or more formally and he’ll be able to work on settings that compliment your style as a couple and will be a perfect introduction to working with you on your ending day celebration video.

Allows you to feel more comfortable with your videographer – gives you a good indication of how he works and shoots and once again assists preparation for your big wedding day shoot!

Builds rapport – a pre-wedding video helps you build a good rapport and enables you to get the most out of your wedding budget by ensuring your videographer captures the best footage possible.

‘A pre-wedding video is an amazing way to create a living, moving memory of your courtship, love, and engagement.’

What Makes a Great Pre-Wedding Video

When you decide to have a pre-wedding video, the final result can depend on a number of things.

Does the video capture the couples unique story? – for example, has your videographer really taken time to get to know you as a couple? Does he understand how you react with each other?

How your emotions are captured in the film? – Does the film fit with how you see yourselves as a couple? Has your photographer made sure he’s captured your important emotions and the essence of your romance?

Making sure you hire a professional videographer who has excellent reviews and feedback can really ensure you’re getting a quality pre-wedding video. One which you’ll be thrilled and amazed by, concerning their attention to detail, in capturing the essence of how you and your partner react together and your unique story.

Let’s take a look below at the difference between pre-wedding or engagement photo shoots and a pre-wedding video.

How a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Differs to a Pre-Wedding Video

A pre-wedding photo shoot will be different as its only able to capture a single dimensional memory, as opposed to your pre-wedding video which is a living, breathing snapshot of your story, including the sounds, living textures, ambience, movements and allows you both more freedom to demonstrate your feelings, thoughts and expressions of the love you have for each other during the day.

Now we’ve checked out how photographs and videos differ, we can check out the difference between your main wedding day celebration video and your pre-wedding video.

How does a pre-wedding video differ to your celebration day video? Your celebration day wedding video will capture all of the important moments, from getting ready in the morning to those first few looks when you finally set eyes on each other at the ceremony, through to your vows, reception speeches and your guests enjoying your special day with you.

In contrast, your pre-wedding video will be a little more focused on the two of you in comfortable and meaningful surroundings, maybe doing something you love, such as hiking through a favorite mountain range, perhaps relaxing in your favorite coffee shop or the restaurant where you had your very first date!

Ok, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and schedule a pre-wedding video. Let’s look at some great tips on how to prepare for your day!

Hire a professional make-up artist – As your precious-wedding video will become part of your family history, it’s worth making sure you hire a professional to make sure you look your best! This will form part of your family history too – so you want to look your best.

Give your outfits some thought – Herringbone and paisley patterns and thin stripes are not good choices for clothing to wear on a pre-wedding photo shoot as they react badly under a camera lens. Also wherever possible, avoid red as it can bleed somewhat or give an unwelcome glow on your finished film

Act naturally! – A wedding video/film needs the action to be fairly natural and un-posed, which is the opposite of traditional photography.

Smile and laugh – Lots of natural, relaxed expressions are essential to make a great pre-wedding video so try and have some fun with your partner before the shoot wherever possible.

Tell your story – Try to bring your natural selves to the filming and make sure you include any spontaneous moments which will help your videographer really tell your own unique love story.

Be respectful – This I’m sure goes without saying, but as a reminder, be respectful, to both your partner, family and friends and those that might – or might not see the video. Don’t embarrass anyone or make inappropriate remarks. Bring only your best most positive self. A good Videographer can also guide you on these matters.

How We Prepare for Your Pre-Wedding Video

As part of the preparations for your wedding video, we’ll make sure you’ve had all the help and guidance we can offer! We’ll meet with you beforehand to conduct an informal discussion, where we can get a good idea of what kind of style video you would like and get to know you.

We may interview you with audio or video. This way we can really make sure we can shoot the video to perfectly compliment you and your wedding theme.

We’ll set the scene for you and create a natural shoot where your personalities and stories combine to create your own bespoke story.

Many people wonder where they showcase their pre-wedding videos. Let’s take a look below.

Where Can I Show My Pre-Wedding Video?

Many couples choose to premiere a pre-wedding video on their wedding celebration day. This has a really powerful impact on guests and gives a fabulous introduction at your reception to you as husband and wife!

It allows your guests to really get to you know both a little bit better and also precludes your guests from needing to ask questions like ‘how did you meet?’

It’s a fabulous showcase for your guests to feel close to you both on your wedding celebration day and feel they know more of the story behind the day.

Top Tips on How to Prepare for Your Pre-Wedding Video

When you’re preparing for your pre-wedding video, it’s important to follow a few processes to get the best quality video possible and to make sure you arrive fully prepared. Let’s take a closer look.

Keep your ‘look’ as close to your natural selves as possible – Don’t, for instance, decide to go with a massive image overhaul at the last minute. Any extreme imagery of you can make for a video where it will be difficult to recognize who you are, which may make you feel disappointed with the finished result.

Plan ahead with regard to your concept – For instance, if wish for your video to be filmed at a bungee jump, discuss with your videographer in plenty of time. The same goes for any required planning, such as outfits, makeup, and hair. Give yourself adequate time to get these in place before the shoot.

Don’t forget about your partner’s wishes. Make sure you’re both happy with the concept and style of shoot, as its a representation of your love story

My Final Edit

So, that’s it! Follow our simple steps and together with your professional videographer, you’ll create a wonderful long lasting film of your wedding preparations for your friends, family and loved ones to view for many years to come.

If you’d like any information on topics discussed above or would like to get in touch for an informal chat or even a skype call, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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