modern wedding videography


Why has wedding videography been trending with modern weddings recently? It’s not what you think. The days of cheesy wedding ceremony video shot from a tripod on a VHS camcorder or uncle Joe’s vertical iPhone video are finally behind us. First of all the fact that camera equipment has gotten a lot better and a lot more affordable has made high quality movies possible for more young couples. Modern hybrid camera costing only $5000 can do what a $70K camera from 2002 could do. It’s brought super high quality footage to normal people’s idea of doable. So now we can make a Hollywood like cinematic film of your wedding day, where YOU are the star of the movie, for a very affordable price, you can see yourself on the big screen with rich vibrant colors, and movie like slow motion scenes. When this is edited into a cinematic storyline, it’s easy to get in to it.

Story telling is what photo and video are all about. A photo can only tell a short, simple story. But video can really get the emotions of the day, the butterflies, the laughter, the joy, and revelry of it all. The story will take you through the day starting with the girls getting ready with, hair, and make up and of course mom helping pin up that beautiful wedding dress. Over in the guys room, they confidently laughing and joking as they button their cufflinks and tight up the ties will surely be swung around wildly on the dance floor 6 hours from now. But they must look good for now. The ceremony starts in 55 minutes.

Capturing the ceremony is probably the most important part of a videographer’s job. The words that are spoken are sacred and recording clean audio and steady video matters here the most. Husband and wife will make promises to each other that are meant to last forever and so should the record of these vows. A photo can show you that you were there but not what was said, not what was promised, not the light sound of sniffles while he pours his heart out to you in front all of the most important people in your lives. Only video can save every small laugh and cry from these 20 minutes of Ceremony. It goes so fast that before you know it, you will be on the sunset photos on the lawn.

Your first moments as husband and wife will be with your photographer and videographer walking slowly and giggling about what just happened. YOU GOT MARRIED! It’s all so much to process. At this point, just relax and have fun, this will be some of the absolute best parts of your wedding day film. Buttery smooth slow motion in warm magic hour sunset lighting. Smile because it finally happened, after all of the planning, all of the calls and emails, you did it! Smile and just love. Your wedding video is going to save all of the best moments of your day. You will love watching it again and crying tears of joy. But when you see how how many likes, comments and shares your video gets on social media, you will feel how much love there is your world, from friends and family who attended, and those who could not be there. Your wedding is a personal keepsake you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

I hear from too many friends who regret not being able to go back and hire the video for their weddings. Don’t let the upfront cost stop you from investing in your future lives together. The sting of the cost will fade with time but your wedding film will never fade. Just make sure that you have this keepsake when your kids are grown so you can always remember the warm feelings of that lovely day.

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